Are You A "MORE-ON" Gardener?

By Microstart Gardening

Have you heard of the “more-on” approach to gardening?

It’s something we first stumbled across when working with farmers and their approach to chemical applications… but it applies equally as much to gardeners too.

And from what we’ve seen, it’s NEVER turned out to be a good thing for the gardeners using this strategy.

So what is “more-on” gardening?

As it’s name suggests, the "more-on" approach to gardening is the mindset that any kind of problem in the garden (be it productivity issues, weeds, pests or diseases) is best dealt with by adding MORE of some kind of chemical product or application application .

“Just put more on!”  they say.

And while sometimes this approach may appear to solve the problem in the short term… over the long term it is almost always DISASTROUS for the health of the plants, soil and garden as whole.

Why is this?

You see, with the use of virtually all chemical applications, there is a trade off between results now and long term health and sustainability…

And from what we’ve seen with both farmers and gardeners, the long term productivity and health of the soil ecosystem ALWAYS takes a hit with each chemical application…

So the “more-on” approach not only results in increased expenses and work requirements for the gardener…

But it RARELY produces positive results in the long term (we’re yet to see it).

With few exceptions, the outcome is a garden ecosystem that requires more and more chemical inputs and applications to maintain (at best) a temporary state of balance.

And that’s NOT fun to manage!

But there is a different way…

And it involves shifting your focus from asking “what more can we put on?”


“What is the easiest way we can establish a healthy, productive garden with the least amount of effort and cost, while eliminating the need for any kind of chemical inputs at all?”

Now that’s a smart question to ask.

And when you make THAT your focus. Then you’re at least facing in the right direction to achieving gardening success without chemical intervention.

From our experience, the answer to that question lies within cultivating healthy soil biology and balancing the Soil Food Web in your garden.

Focus your efforts on this and it’s likely your garden will soon be able to provide all of the nutrients it requires from it’s own, healthy biologically balanced soil ecosystem.

Nope, we’re not exaggerating.

A garden with a thriving and balanced Soil Food Web can essentially produce its own 100% natural fertiliser, for free!

Resulting in:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased plant immunity
  • Increased nutritional content of product
  • Significantly less input and maintenance requirements

All 100% naturally!

(You can watch this video to understand how this process works.)

Look, you can’t balance your soil biology overnight.

But with the right mindset and tools, it doesn’t take as long as you might think…you can make great progress in just a few months.

So how do you bring your Soil Biology back into balance?

We confidently believe that our Liquid Microbe Garden Mix is the easiest and most effective way to bring your garden’s soil biology into balance without the trouble of figuring out and maintaining your own composting system yourself.

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Say goodbye to “more-on” gardening forever!

To your naturally thriving garden,
The Microstart Team


If you try our Liquid Microbes and don’t believe it’s as easy and effective as we say it is, just send us the bottle back and we’ll refund you your purchase price.

It’s all in our 100% satisfaction guarantee 😁

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